Tambour Beading : Haute Couture Embroidery Beginner - Intermediate

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Tambour Beading : Haute Couture Embroidery Beginner - Intermediate


Get an introduction to Haute Couture embroidery in our weekend workshop. Learn the technique of tambour beading which is widely used in International catwalks.  Knowledge of this technique presents many possibilities when creating embroidery pieces.

Next Class dates: Saturday 13th October 2018 from 10h30am to 4.30pm

Manchester Craft and Design Centre

Atelier Saint Clare, Studio 2

17, Oak Street

Manchester M4 5JD

Level: Basic - Intermediate

Class description:

The tambour beading class is designed for basic-intermediate level students who have some experience with the technique.  The first part of the class is a recap of the basic stitch.

Students will also learn how to fill the shapes following the initial design.  This provides the opportunity to practise starting and finishing to feel more comfortable using tambour beading.

Finally, we will introduce metallic thread.

The aim of the class is to build confidence when using the tambour hook providing greater ability with the vermicelli and different threads.

Please note that if you would like to pursue this technique and move on to the next level it is recommended to practise tambour beading in between the classes.

This class includes a kit with white silk organza, glass beads, buggles, sequins, Swarovski beads and metallic thread.

Please note that tambour hooks are not included in the kit and will be available to purchase during the class.

For more information contact info@ateliersaintclare.com


*All classes are non-refundable but may be exchanged*

*Cancellations must be made at least 7 days in advance*


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