Goldwork : Intermediate

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Goldwork : Intermediate


Goldwork is known to be one of the most ancient techniques and is recognised by is luxuriousness and richness. It is usually seen in ceremonial, military and ecclesiastical applications as well as royal commissions. Goldwork has been modernised in the past decades by the introduction of metallic thread and coloured purls.

Next Class dates: Saturday 1st September 2018 from 10h30am to 4.30pm

Manchester Craft and Design Centre

Atelier Saint Clare, Studio 2

17, Oak Street

Manchester M4 5JD

Level: Intermediate

Class description:

This class is pitched at a basic-intermediate level student who has knowledge of Goldwork but would like to improve. 

The first part of the day will include stitching the different padding, felt and bump. The pearl purl will also be stitch at this stage.

The second part of the day will involve couching the passing and learning how to stitch the essing with gold purl.  Students will also learn how to do the loop with a black purl.

The aim of the class is to learn the different padding, basic stitches and how to carry out smooth essing.

This class includes a kit with black silk satin, gold smooth and rough purls, gold passing, very fine pearl purl, felt, bump, black purl, bees wax and needles.

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*All classes are non-refundable but may be exchanged*

*Cancellations must be made at least 7 days in advance*

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